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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 19, 2017 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> it does. it's going to be all right today. yesterday we got the sun in the afternoon, felt nice. today we are going to see a lot of the same, so the winds are helping clear things out but look how windy it is at sfo now. 17 miles per hour sustained winds. downtown 11. oakland 12. calmer in the east bay and the south bay but these are northwest winds coming through so they are going to feel chilly. we are getting cooler air working its way down as well but you can see where it's coming from just to the north of us. eureka, redding, getting rain from the storm that's bringing a lot towards washington and oregon. there's a chance some of that could work its way into our area but most likely we'll get higher clouds and the wind to come on through. temperatures are going to start a cooling pattern. i'll explain that coming up. we are tracking speeds in the green for drivers as you make your approach towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. we had a rough start to this morning commute fatal crash that shut down three out of the four lanes eastbound 80 just before 4th street there.
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this is a live look near sixth and you can see traffic is light through the area. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, on the other side, a bit of a backup. we have a 13 minute travel time from the maze into san francisco. and your ride along the eastshore freeway is in the green and moving at the limit. a new study is making clear bay area traffic is shattering records. but this trend isn't heading in a positive direction. anne makovec is live in san francisco with more reporter: we are breaking records for the fourth year in the bay area commute. all our viewers up at this time are probably getting up to try to head to work so you are well aware of this. i'm standing at one of the worst spots, 101 and 880 to the bay bridge through san francisco, number one worst spot, that's in the afternoon commute. but we all know it stacks up
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all day. this report was released yesterday by the metropolitan transportation commission. it shows that the time spent in traffic jams here in the bay area rose about 10% between 2015 and 2016. 80% since 2010. the average commute 3.5 minutes longer than it was just last year. >> so that is 3 1/2 minutes for every working person in the bay area. and that's up 10% more or less from where it was in 2015. >> reporter: as for the three most congested freeway segment
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